Courses of continuing higher education at the EAF - investment in your professional future

The European Academy of Management [EAF] - a company under private law - is a postgraduate institute of higher education offering top managers from Poland courses of study leading to a German diploma.

The fundamental goal of the EAF is to increase the competitiveness of:

Owners of 8 Millionen SME' s in tehe middle und east Europe

the 11 Millions managers from the new member states of EC looking for the top positions

Polish executives and companies within the European Union.

Implementation of such a demanding and complex model of continuing education is founded on the practical experience of our academic and didactic staff. All our professors, lecturers and part-time academics are at the same time top managers and entrepreneurs. They are actively involved with technology development in those European regions most advanced on the technology front: Baden-Württemberg , Bavaria , Hesse , North Rhine-Westphalia, Switzerland , Piedmont and Lombardy , and are thus making a major contribution to the creation of a new technological-cultural phenomenon - the civilisation of Lake Constance .